Maintenance Records

The following are a few example cases of maintenance from among the thousands of companies that we have served both domestically and internationally.

Treatment of abrasion on the mixing tank and base of mixing blades in a high-speed mixer for construction material (Model FM1000J FM Mixer)
Updating of the inverter motor and operation control board in a high-speed mixer for resin used in automotive components (Model FM500E Henschel Mixer)
Manufacturing and replacement of consumable ceramic components used in an ultrafine grinding mill for electronic component material (Model SC220 SC Mill)
Periodic inspection of an ultrafine grinding mill for battery material (Model MA100D Attritor)
Periodic inspection of a coarse grinding mill for PET bottle recycling (Model WLK10 Weimer)
Overhaul of a continuous fine grinding mill for an asphalt manufacturing plant (Model SM290 Trigonal)
Calibration of various types of powder measurement air transport machines (Model MAS300 Mass Feeder)
Manufacturing and replacement of special rolls for an open roll continuous granulation mixer used in a toner manufacturing plan (Model MOS320 KNEADEX)

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