Maintenance Service

Suntech Co., Ltd. offers a variety of maintenance services to respond to your needs.

Maintenance Call Service

A telephone support service staffed by expert technicians. Telephone staff listens to machine symptoms and offer advice for restoring operation.

Onsite Maintenance Service

If problems cannot be solved through the Maintenance Call Service, then expert technicians make onsite visits to provide maintenance instruction.

Reform Maintenance Service

According to your requests, we provide reform and maintenance for machines and facilities currently being used. Reform topics include increased performance and ease of operation, as well as safety measures.

Full Maintenance Service

Overhaul is performed by deploying service staff onsite or by bringing machines being used by the customer to our company’s plant.

Periodic Inspection/Maintenance Service

We take advantage of stoppage periods for facilities and machines in order to perform periodic inspection and maintenance. Performing periodic maintenance can help prevent accidents from suddenly occurring. We also offer annual maintenance contracts and routine visits for inspection service.

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